Our idea is to encourage people to try new recipes without having to wonder around the store, looking for unfamiliar spices, feeling lost. It provides a budget way to get started without buying each of the spices in a bottle or bag. Few bottles of spices could easily add up to $10 to $20 for a single recipe, but you can get the exact amount called in the recipe for few dollars here. Also, there will be no wasting. Don’t we all have a cabinet full of expired spices. Feeling guilty to throw them out but using them any way? There is always a voice in the back of my mind if the dish I cooked didn’t taste quite as good… Was that spice I used too old?…


All spices will be packed in individual self sealed food grade plastic bags with labels indicating the name and the quantity. If you have purchased a spice package for a recipe from our site, spices will be mixed together in the same bag based on the cooking steps both for your convenience and eliminating unnecessary packaging. If you prefer all your spices to be packaged in individual bags, please let us know and we’d love to accommodate.


  • All orders will be processes and shipped within 24 hours on business day.
  • We use USPS First-Class Mail which takes 1-3 business days for delivery.
  • A flat shipping rate at $2.50 for any order up to 10 tbsp of spices or any individual spice package we offer. Bigger packages like Mulling Spice Mix will ship at $5 flat.
  • Free shipping for any order over $25.
  • Bigger size spices like Star Anises and Cardamoms for example will be wrapped in bubbles wraps or ship in padded envelopes.
  • No extra packing and handling fees.

Source of our spices

Since we are still at a stage to test our business concept, most of our supplies are bought from our neighborhood grocery stores in suburban Philadelphia in small quantities. All of the spices will guarantee for their freshness since we make purchases when the order come in. We are hoping to establish more stabilized sources once we reach high volume of sales. If you are interested or concern with the source or the quality of the spices we carries, please send us an email, we’d love to chat with you on that matter.

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